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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Shared Hosting that You Need to Know

The Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Shared Hosting that You Need to Know

CLOUD HOSTING & SERVER – The Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Shared Hosting that You Need to Know. Who doesn’t know enough about the importance of having a website and the advantages you get if you have a website? There are so many benefits of having a website, especially for running an online business.

Well, in managing a website, of course there are things that are highly recommended, you guys! Web hosting is one of the things that are recommended for website managers. Hosting is also one of the important factors in a website that cannot be separated. But website hosting also has several types, you know with different functions and needs. One of them is shared hosting!

Do you know what shared hosting is? If you don’t know, read this article to the end because it will discuss in more detail the definition to the advantages and disadvantages of Shared Hosting. That way you can decide whether to use this hosting or not for the website you are running. Let’s get acquainted with this type of hosting!

What is Shared Hosting?

Before taking a deeper look at the advantages and disadvantages of Shared Hosting, it’s a good idea for you to first know what Shared Hosting is. Shared hosting is a type of web hosting service that places multiple websites on the same physical server.

The services provided by the server are also used together. That way, website owners don’t have to think about server settings. However, at the same time can not fully access the functions of the related web hosting.

For those of you who are still confused about how this hosting works, it is like a boarding house with many rooms or rooms. Users have their own rooms but they use a shared ‘bathroom’. Well, if for example there is a user who uses the ‘bathroom’ for too long, it will interfere or hinder the activities of other users. The name is also shared, you can’t have full access to this.

That said, this type of web hosting is very suitable for websites that don’t have too high traffic or the number of visitors is still relatively small. You could say it’s for owners who are new to operating a website. Because the services in this one hosting are used together, the costs incurred by the users are also borne together.

Well, this is usually what makes shared hosting services cheaper than other web hosting services. This type of hosting is highly recommended for beginner website managers. With cheap and affordable prices, the capital spent can be minimized and suppressed. Website owners and managers no longer need to worry about server problems and can focus on managing a website properly and correctly.

From the explanation of what shared hosting is, you can already imagine what are the benefits that you can get if you use a shared hosting service? Eits, calm down! Below we will explain to you what are the advantages of using shared hosting.

Advantages of Using Shared Hosting Services

This hosting has several advantages, including:

1. Cheaper Price

When compared to other types of web hosting services, shared hosting services win the cheapest price from the others! So, it’s not wrong if this service is highly recommended for website managers who are just starting out.

2. Maintenance is Easier

As explained above, when you manage your website and your server is managed by a web hosting service provider, you don’t have to bother managing server problems anymore! You just need to sit back and manage your website so that it gets better and develops without worrying about server problems!

3. Easy to Use

Not much different from the previous point, using shared hosting will certainly make it easier for you too because later all server operations will be taken over by the hosting provider itself. So for those of you who are beginners, don’t understand programming, you can still manage your own website.

Unless you have a lot of visitors to your site or the traffic generated is high, then you can consider upgrading your hosting service to a higher level such as a VPS or dedicated server. And of course if you have decided to use that type of server, you have to learn little by little about programming you know~

4. Suitable for Blogs & Business Websites

As you read earlier that shared hosting services are very cheap, so in my opinion this service is perfect for those of you who are just starting to create a blog or website that is just starting a business. In addition, this service is also very suitable in the budget for those of you whose business is still small but wants to start managing a business website.

5. Access to Control Panel

When you use a shared hosting service, managing your website or blog will certainly be easier because you will be given access to a control panel. With this control panel, you can take advantage of the many features provided, such as Install CMS, upload files, manage email, and many others.

Disadvantages of Using Shared Hosting

Apart from all the conveniences and advantages offered by shared hosting services, it turns out that there are also shortcomings that shared hosting services have.Let’s read the disadvantages of shared hosting below.

1. Limited Server Control

Shared hosting service providers apparently don’t provide much space for access to the server, guys. So that your control as a user will be a bit limited.

This happens because on shared hosting, full access is fully controlled by the hosting service provider, so all management is taken over by the server provider.

In addition, because it is used together, when there is 1 user who has high traffic or overload, other users can also be affected. As a result, this can hamper the performance of your website.

2. Less Guaranteed Security

Because shared hosting provides a fairly large space on one server, of course this has the potential to abuse access to other features. If this happens, then it will greatly affect the server, moreover it is very vulnerable to security.

3. Potential Crash

Crashes can occur at any time because this type of shared hosting service has many users on one server. What this means is that there are many other websites or applications running on the same server as the one you are using.

This can cause overload so that it crashes. Heavy loads are most often found when there is high traffic. Of course, this will affect the performance of the server which has the potential to crash.

4. Limited Use of Other Apps

If you use shared hosting, of course you can’t run other software or applications at the same time, except for only applications that have been offered by the hosting provider. This is certainly difficult for users, especially those who are still beginners.


The advantages and disadvantages of Shared Hosting are varied. Now you are not confused anymore, right to choose which type of hosting? Hopefully the above explanation can be your consideration in choosing a hosting service.