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Advantages of Using Cloud Hosting for Your Website

Several Advantages of Using Cloud Hosting for Your Website

CLOUD HOSTING & SERVER – Several Advantages of Using Cloud Hosting for Your Website. There will be a moment when your website is growing rapidly: visited by many users, has high engagement, and has high conversion and transaction numbers. At that point, you need to think about upgrading your web hosting service. This is very important to ensure your website can still be accessed quickly.

Actually there are two web hosting options besides shared hosting, namely VPS and cloud hosting. However, in this article we will discuss more about cloud hosting. This is because cloud hosting provides hosting services that are easier and less technical than VPS.

Cloud hosting is a more “complete” version of shared hosting. Cloud hosting uses multiple servers at once. This will balance the website load and maximize server uptime. With this way of working, cloud hosting keeps your website online and not down.

To know more about how cloud hosting works, you can read the article What is Cloud Hosting. Because, this time we will discuss more about the advantages of cloud hosting for websites. In addition, we will also help you determine whether cloud hosting is a service that suits your website needs.

Advantages of Using Cloud Hosting

Compared to other types of web hosting services, cloud hosting has a number of advantages. In this section we will thoroughly explore all the benefits of cloud hosting for your website.

1. Website is Always Online & Quickly Accessed

Cloud hosting has capabilities equivalent to VPS. It uses several servers at once to display the website. This makes the website will not go down even though it is accessed by very large numbers of users.

With the same system, web hosting in the form of cloud is generally also faster than other services. This is because data will only be transferred from the most responsive servers. If there is an interruption in one of the network servers, then the data will be transferred through another server.

If you can make an analogy, this cloud hosting works much like a private car on a toll road. You can freely walk anywhere, through any route. Compared to shared hosting which is likened to public transportation you have to wait for the vehicle to be filled with passengers, often stop to drop off passengers, not to mention the risk of breaking down on the road cloud hosting services can be said to be an exclusive service.

2. Manage Website Easily

Cloud hosting is also quite easy to manage. It has various website setup and management options. The options provided are at first glance similar to those in shared hosting services. This makes website owners who want to upgrade to cloud hosting not have to worry about managing their website.

Cloud hosting services still have a cPanel or control panel to manage all technical things on the website. In addition, there is also a WordPress management feature to configure auto updates and preview the web before going online to the public.

Not only that, the cloud service is also compatible with Laravel and Web Packages. With these two software, you are able to develop web-based applications with PHP.

The most important thing is that you can install the platform you need in just one click. This is because this web hosting service also has an auto installer feature. With this feature the platform you want whether it’s WordPress, Joomla, Laravel, Drupal, Weebly, and others is immediately ready to use.

3. Safe from Malware & Hackers

As for security, you don’t need to doubt the performance that cloud hosting provides. This hosting service is ready to overcome various security gaps that exist on the website. Because, cloud services are equipped with various security features to ward off malware and hackers.

There are at least five security features that are immediately available in Niagahoster’s cloud hosting. First, CloudLinux OS. The existence of this feature keeps you from leaking personal data. In addition, CloudLinux OS also updates PHP regularly to keep the web from unwanted security holes.

Then, there is malware and DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection. Malware protection is provided by performing periodic scans to ensure there is no malware on the website. As for DDoS protection, keeping the website from hacker attacks.

Not only internal security is taken care of, the website’s reputation also needs to be guaranteed safe. Cloud hosting is included with a world-class SSL certificate. With this certificate, your website is considered safe by search engines like Google. This will then help you improve your reputation and search rankings.

Not to forget, this web hosting service is also equipped with data backup and restore. You can set the desired period of time for automatic data backup. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about losing data.

4. Help Service

Another advantage of cloud hosting is the availability of help. For those of you who upgrade to cloud hosting, you don’t have to worry about web configuration. Usually the support will help you migrate your website. So, no need to start everything from scratch.

Not only about migrating websites, you will also get help from customer service 24/7. All problems related to web hosting and your website can be resolved right away.

5. Reliable Flexibility

By using cloud hosting, you don’t need to use a computer that is specifically used to access data. Usually, a dedicated computer will spend more money, time, and energy when used. But thanks to cloud hosting, you can simply do self-provisioning.

Self-provisioning is when users can provide their own resources to manage and use services without the need for interference from IT people or people from the service provider itself. This feature is indeed provided by the hosting company to make it easier to use and access data.

6. More Affordable Cost

One of the advantages of cloud hosting is that it is much cheaper. The reason is, the use of the old version of the server will cost more in the operational part of the computer as well as the needs related to hardware. But with cloud hosting, you don’t need to pay extra. Besides that, your maintenance costs can also be more efficient, right?

7. Higher Stability than Shared Hosting

High website traffic is usually the main problem why a website is difficult to access. However, if you use cloud hosting, your website will not go down even if there is a spike in traffic. This will be very useful for websites that at certain times can get a spike in traffic such as ticket providers.

Do You Need Cloud Hosting?

We have learned what are the benefits of cloud hosting for websites. But, is the service right for you? This is what we will try to answer in this section of this article.

Cloud hosting services promise fast access to high-traffic websites. This service ensures that your website will not be down even if it is accessed by many users.

So, the key here is that you will need cloud hosting when your website has high traffic. If your website is accessed by more than 100,000 users every day, then you really need to upgrade to a cloud hosting service.